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How GearFeet Started

Hello folks, I am Gopi Krishna Bhupelly, the man behind GearFeet. GearFeet has come to life on 12th Dec 2017. Here I’ll let you know how my journey started with GearFeet. I have completed my Engineering in May 2017 having Mechanical as a stream. My passion for Motorcycles has increased when I started my engineering. I got to know some technical stuff in college (Not Much 😛 ) that how a Motorcycle Engine Works and eventually my interest towards bikes has increased. After Engineering I have no idea about my career 😕

I own Bajaj Pulsar RS 200. As I love Motorcycles I used to maintain her very carefully and her condition in Top Notch.

In the month of June, when I was coming from Warangal to Hyderabad I met with a serious accident on the highway 😑 Some idiot tried to change the lane without indicating. I broke my Clavicle Bone.

Then I was asked to take complete rest for 3 Months. The only reason I was still alive because of the helmet I used THH. At that moment I realized the importance of Helmet. I never forget the struggle I faced in that 3 months. But anyhow that period has taught me a lot of lessons.

I don’t know what to do at home and I asked my father to provide me Internet connection in my home. Randomly I searched for How to Earn Online 😛 Then I come across the term blogging. I used to read a lot of articles on SEO and Internet Marketing. I loved blogging.

After 3 months I came back to Hyderabad. I want to start a blog right away in which I want to share about Motorcycles like Maintenance Tips, Reviews, and Bike News. I want to contribute something to my readers mostly the safety tips.

I met my friend Bharath Kumar to ask for suggestions (He had 3+ years Experience in blogging). He suggested me some tips on blogging. Then I rushed to my sister for Money to buy the Domain Name and Hosting 🤣 Finally I bought the Domain Name and Hosting (The Name GearFeet was suggested by mah GirlFriend 😍)

Finally, on Dec 12th I Started writing content on my blog. I basically research a lot on Motorcycles and provide the best Information possible for my readers.

So yeah, that’s all about me and GearFeet.

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Have a Safe Ride.

Cheers !!