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10 Amazing Tips to Ride Safely On Motorcycles | Experts Advice.

So, I have stats showing that how the accident rates are increasing daily. Riding a Motorcycle on the highways is not same as riding on the city roads. Following the traffic rules, education and a little common sense make a long way help in reducing the fatal Motorcycle accidents. Here are the stats of Motorcycle accidents happening in India. By seeing this one can Ride safely on highways following the rules.

  • Every Minute One serious road accident happens in India and 16 people die every hour on roads.
  • Every day nearly 1214 Crashes occurs in India.
  • Motorcycle accidents account 25% of the total road crashes.

20 children under the age of 14 die every day due to road crashes in the country

How to Ride Safely On Motorcycle

Motorcycles are way more dangerous than cars which cannot be sustained in crashes and the cold reality is that motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in a crash than people in the car according to IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety). IIHS also states that 42% of the accidents occur due to over speed and 48% of accidents occur due to Alcohol consumption. If we avoid these factors then there will be a drastic change in reduction of motorcycle accidents.


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Tips To Ride Safely:

Today in this post I’ll let you know some amazing tips to ride safely in order to reduce the accidents.

1. Wear a Well Certified Helmet:

How to Ride Safely On Motorcycle

Yeah, Helmet is the essential riding gear. The fact shows that more than 40% of motorcyclists without a helmet are likely to suffer a fatal head injury than people wearing a helmet in a crash and 3% more likely to have brain injuries 🙁  Wearing a helmet helps in avoiding serious head injuries.

Always prefer a Full Face helmet with a clear visor having a DOT certification sticker on its back which means that the helmet is tested by Department Of Transportation. These helmets are strong enough to sustain in a crash and save your life. So never go back to invest for a certified helmet. And another thing to remember is helmets will deteriorate over time and become weak losing its power to sustain in a crash even they look fine.

Snell Memorial Foundation, helmet testing, and standard-setting organization declared that keep replacing the helmets for every 5 years and even sooner if they have been in any crash. Once if the helmet has been in a crash, then it loses its power to sustain and protect your head in the next crash. So be careful and replace the helmet 😉

2. Wear Proper Riding Gear:

How to Ride Safely On Motorcycle

Having a proper Boots, Gloves, Jacket, and Pants make your riding comfort and safety. Wearing the proper riding gear protects you from many injuries. In addition to that, it also helps from wind chill, insects, debris, and many other. If you ready to invest and prefer more protection then go for leather or reinforced gears.

For summer, some specially designed gears will be available having rugged padding and breathable mesh which provides protection as well as ventilation. Make sure to have some reflectors on the jacket and pants which helps a lot in night rides. Most of the car drivers, when they hit a motorcycle say that rider was not visible. So make sure select bright colors and having reflectors on them.

3. Follow Traffic Signals for Sure:

How to Ride Safely On Motorcycle

Attend to safety riding courses. This course will make you understand how important is following traffic signals. Violating traffic signals will lead to accidents for sure. Make sure to have a look on the signboards on the roads and turn signals of other vehicles. Learn all the traffic signs because every sign has its own indication and as a rider, you have a responsibility to know each of them.

Always give an indication to another vehicle bit earlier when you trying to change the lane or making a U-turn by that they get alert. Always maintain a certain distance with another vehicle in such a way that you have a proper stopping distance. Make sure to follow the right lane according to your speed, this will reduce the collisions with front and rear vehicles. Make use of the rear view mirrors properly and ride safely.

4. Be a Defensive Rider:

A recent case study from University of South Florida’s says that in any collisions involving motorcycle and car, 60% of the fault is on car driver’s side. So be alert and have a good concentration on the road. Always put eyes on the cars in front of you because they might some time change the lane suddenly with even giving any indications. You must be in a position to stop your motorcycle in any situation. Highways normally don’t have pit holes or speed breakers but there are chances for some obstacles like animals.

5. Prefer Anti-Lock Braking system:

How to Ride Safely On Motorcycle

Motorcycles having Anti-Lock Braking system are the lifesavers for many motorcyclists. IIHS found that motorcycles without ABS are 37% more likely to meet fatal accidents than the motorcycles which are equipped with ABS. ABS basically helps us in harsh braking in any panic. Sudden braking will make the front wheel to lock.

But Anti-Lock Braking System does not allow the wheel to lock. ABS will reduce the stopping distance which helps in avoiding accidents. ABS is highly helpful on slippery roads. Another advantage of ABS is, as it avoids wheel locking so we have high chance to steer to other directions to avoid the collisions which cannot be done on motorcycles without ABS. It is some kind of Diamond for the motorcyclists 😍

So invest in buying a motorcycle equipped with ABS. Nowadays ABS has become standard for high displacement motorcycles making us ride safely.

6. Avoid Drunk and Drive:

The biggest, most important factor and having higher percentage rate in Road Accidents is Alcohol Consumption. Do not ever ride a motorcycle when you are drunk. If you do this you cannot have control on your bike and results in fatal accidents. This not only hurts you but also others. So, stop riding motorcycles when you are drunk.

7. Avoid Rash Riding:

How to Ride Safely On Motorcycle

Riding with high speed on public roads is highly dangerous. Public roads are not meant for high speeds and you are not allowed to too fast on public roads. Never ride a motorcycle with assuming that the road is empty. You cannot expect from which street a car might come in front of you. At that time you cannot stop your motorcycle to avoid the accident. So until or unless you are on highways don’t use high speeds.

8. Make a Checklist:

Make a checklist every time you start riding. Prepare a checklist containing the following points to ride safely.


Always do check the Tires whether or not they are in Good condition. You should consider little cracks on the tire also. If you find such cracks do replace the tire immediately because riding with such tires having cracks may burst out at high speeds as the tire will heat up. Do check the Tire Pressure. Always maintain the air pressure as per the company recommendations for the best mileage.

Chain Tension:

Do check the chain tension and make sure it has optimum tension (not very tight and not very loose). The recommended chain tension is 1-1.5 Inches. Having a loose chain makes noise while riding as it touches the swing arm. Having the tight chain lead to wear and tear of the sprocket. So, maintain the optimum chain tension.

Also Read: How to Maintain Motorcycle Chain


Do check the Front and Rear brakes for sure. Also, check the Brake Fluids are sufficient enough.

Hydraulic and Coolant Fluids:

Always check the levels of fluids on weekly basis.

Once you hop on to the bike do check the following

Check out the Headlamps (High beam and Low beam), turn signals, tail lamp, horn, and clutch.

9. Educate Your Pillion Rider:

How to Ride Safely On Motorcycle

Always Educate your co-rider how to behave when you are on road.He or She must not disturb the rider due to which he loses his concentration. Always hold the rider tightly and try to lean down along with the rider at higher speeds. Never let the pillion rider to do any stunts while on the road which may put you at risk by losing control. Always ask them to wear necessary riding gears.

10. Avoid Bad Weather:

How to Ride Safely On Motorcycle

Don’t plan a ride when it is raining or the weather is not good. Riding a motorcycle in rain will reduce the visibility. In addition to that, the risks are high to do cornering on wet roads. On wet roads the stopping distance increases which leads to collisions. Make sure to wear a helmet with Anti-fogging visor.Always put the headlamps ON in case you are riding in the rain.

The first hour of a heavy rainstorm is dangerous because the oils are raised to the surfaces of the road and have not yet been washed away. In this case, take a small break and have a cup of coffee 😉

Final Words:

Riding a Motorcycle gives you immense pleasure, the risk factors are also high when compared to the car. Even it is said that motorcycles are considered as unsafe, by following and implementing the above tips make you ride safely. There are many riders having a good riding experience and enjoying their ride without even meeting a single accident. We should appreciate them for their respect towards riding etiquettes and traffic laws. So, always ride in a good mood and ride safely.

If you like this post and want your friends to know this Amazing tips, then do share with them.

Happy Riding..!!


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