Best helmet brands

Best Helmet Brands – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide | 2018

Hello folks! Happy to see you here. We have made a research on many blogs, considering customer reviews, Company website and found the best helmet brands which are safest, most affordable and high-quality helmets.  Our main aim is to let you know which helmet fits great for you.

Best Helmet Brands

Why Wear a Helmet? 

Do you really think wearing a helmet is Important?  The only answer is YES! It is really that important to wear riding gears.


Riding is a passionate sport for many youngsters nowadays. Riding a motorcycle gives the rider an extensive freedom. But wearing safety gears while riding a motorcycle is mandatory. The motorcycle does not provide such a protection as a car does to keep the rider safe in an accident. The helmet is one of the important riding gear for every motorcyclist. Choosing a right helmet for the right purpose is a bit difficult task. But in this post ill let you know which helmets are suitable for you.

The helmet should be high quality as it protects our head in a crash. Any minor injury to the head can cause a lot of problems later so we cannot take any chance of selecting low-quality helmets. Helmets can be fashionable but the main thing which we have to consider in choosing a helmet is to check its ability to sustain in a crash. Anyhow, nowadays we are getting good quality helmets in the more fashionable way.

Here goes the list of helmets.


Best Helmet Brands

Steelbird company was established on13th March 1964. It has committed with a goal of manufacturing good quality helmets at an affordable price. Steelbird helmets are incomparably more capable than conventional ones in terms of protecting the rider’s head during high impact injury

Lots of eye-catching designs are coming to market.  They offer the wide range of helmets from open face to full face, flip up helmets etc. This has sweat resistant interiors.


  • Steelbird helmets come with anti-scratch
  • Anti-fog visors and Anti-glare.
  • Neck Protector For Long Ride
  • Anti Reflection Visor ( Clear Vision At Night No Light Blur)
  • Hygienic Interior With Breathable Padding

Safety Aspects:

  • High Impact ABS Material Shell to prevent perforation of the helmet
  • Multi-layer EPS to prevent the inner lining from getting damaged during an erosive contact with any kind of hard surface.
  • Neck Protector for protecting neck against Injuries.
 Pros:    Cons:
 1. Single Button Flip-up

2. Stainless Steel Buckle

3.Unbreakable Visor

4. Visor Locking System

 1. Size Issue

2. Chin guard touching chin




CAPA Certified: ISI Certified

Safety Rating:   ISI Certified

You can shop Steelbird Helmet here.Best Helmet Brands


Best Helmet BrandsSTUDDS is arguably the world’s largest manufacturer of helmets. The Company has an in-house testing laboratory to ensure proper compliance with quality standards. The testing laboratory is approved by VCA ENGLAND and BIS INDIA and has complete testing equipment for testing helmets to ECE, DOT, SNELL & Indian standards.

The plant is equipped with complete Injection Moulding facilities, pressurized & conveyorized paint shop.
Studds has a strong global presence with partners in over 35 countries.

STUDDS is one of the best helmet brands.


  • Removable and Replaceable liners.
  • Quick release chinstrap mechanism for ease of operation and safety.
  • Infused with scratch resistant properties.
  • A dynamic Ventilation system for increased airflow providing more comfort to the rider while driving.
  • Regulated density EPS concussion padding lined with specially treated anti-allergic velveteen.

Safety Aspects: 

  • Thin, Hard outer shell made of a Thermoplastic or fiberglass(Sometimes kevlar or Corban)
  • Soft Thick protective Padding made of expanded Polystyrene or Expanded Polypropylene foam.
 1. Light Weight

2.Soft Interiors

 1. Loud Noise at high speeds.



ISI Certified.

You can shop STUDDS Helmets here.

5.LS2: Best Helmet Brands

The most popular and frequently heard helmet is LS2. This helmet worth for each penny. Every helmet is observed at in minute detail to ensure that quality and safety are paramount. We also verify that each model meets or exceeds the test standard required by its country of destination. This may be ECE, DOT, BSI or indeed Snell.
Numerous tests are undertaken on the EPS and the external shell for shock absorption. We also test the fit as many testing houses now take this into account.
For example SHARP TESTING in the UK.

LS2 is also one of the best helmet brands.


1.Removable and Washable Comfort Liner which are Hypoallergenic, breathable and have laser cut foam.

2. It has Chin Curtain and Breadth Deflector.

3.Mercury Visor (Mirror Finish)

4.High-pressure thermoplastic technology.

5.Front air intakes – Rear extractors.

Safety Aspects:

1.  Double D Ring for more safety.

2. Multi-Density EPS.

3. Metal Security Plate and Neck Roll.

1. Graphics are too good.

2. Tested by SHARP.

3. Free Size.

1. Little Bit weight.




ECE 22.05 Certified.

You can Shop LS2 Helmets hereBest Helmet Brands.


VegBest Helmet Brandsa Helmets was established in 1994. The main aim of vega is offering a quality product with the most wanted features at a reasonable price.
Vega will test the New helmets continuously during the design process and well known international testing labs will confirm the results of the test. Every batch of helmets is tested before leaving the factory to ensure that each batch meets the standards specified for that model.
Different variety of helmets are manufactured to fit every need and also accessories such as ear pads and snow accessories. In best helmet brands this vega has its own position.


1. Vents with high capacity intakes.
2. Airflow from the front to the back which flushes heat and humidity out.
3. Using advanced CAD, Vega has designed superior fit and comfort helmets.

Safety Aspects:

1. Hard and thin Outer shell.

2. The visor protects your eyes from the harmful UV radiation of the sun and makes your ride comfortable.

3. Field of view is High.

1. Lightweight

2. Resistant to scratches and cracks

3. The helmet has peaked with a textured finish

4. Comes with Dual Visor.

 1. Design patches would start getting off after 3-6  months




ISI certified.

You can shop VEGA Helmets here.


best helmet brands

THH refers to Tong Ho Hsing. This is also one of the best helmet brands in India.THH was established in 1974. Taking into consideration of customer’s safety, THH supply the best quality of helmets to customers because customer’s safety and comfort is their first priority.

In India, it was registered with the
name Tong I Hsing Light Industrial Pvt. Ltd. (TIH)
They design their products using latest 3D Molding and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). This a famous brand which is producing about 60,000 helmets in a month.

They use latest CNC equipment sourced from around the world, including Germany, Sweden, Japan, Italy and Taiwan to manufacture their products. Their production makes rigorous tests by using best machinery, equipment, and computer systems sourced from around the world.


1. Nose guard is present.

2. Visor Lock available.

3. Soft Padding which can be removable and washable.

Safety Aspects: 

1.  Outer Shell is made of Carbon Fiber to sustain in the crash.

1. Quick Release Mechanism

2. High Field of view.

3. Anti-allergic soft paddings.

1. Overweight




ISI, DOT, ECE 22.05 Certified.

You can shop THH Helmets here.


best helmet brands

MT (Manufacturing Thomas) helmets were first launched its business in 1968 with the main goal of offering quality and good service to its customers.
These helmets update their catalog annually with higher security certifications like DOT and ECE.
The graphics on these helmets were pretty good and trendy. MT helmets meet the needs of every customer by providing their products in their own country with a sales network
or distributor setup in each country.

We also have NTC 4533 (Colombia) and NBR7471 (Brazil) certifications. These certifications are only given when all components of the helmets have passed previously determined safety tests. One of the best helmet brands nowadays.


1. Pinlock&red which provides a great solution for visor fogging.

2. Dual visor which is more useful on a sunny day.

3. Embedded speaker pockets for communication systems.

4. Anti-allergic and wicking internal fabrics.

5. Removable and washable interiors.

Safety Aspects:

1. Pinlock insert absorbs moisture inside and allows you to enjoy high and clear visibility at all times.

2.  Rigorously tested by SHARP.

1. Multiple Shell Sizes and Multiple Vents.

2. Pinlock

3. Dual visor

1. More weight.





You can shop MT Helmets here.

1.SMK:best helmet brands

SMK is an outstanding mid-range helmet. It comes with a lot of specifications. The internal sun visor can be operated easily by a knob on the left side. The external shell designed with the best aerodynamics, and molded in EIRT (Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic). 

You know guys these SMK helmets are designed and developed in Europe by best and expert designers who STUDDS before. Annually SMK will produce approximately six million helmets annually, destined for markets across the world.


Features of this helmet are really high.

1. Bluetooth compatible.

2. Removable lower wind stop and nose guard.

3. Visor scratch-resistant and rapid release, suitable for use with Pinlock original and extra wide vision.

4. Anti-fog Visor.

Safety Aspects:

1. Inner Resil coating to keep the liner fabric cool and dry, breathable, hypoallergenic liners.

2. The hard material is used which can be sustained in any crash.

1. Dual Visor

2. Best Graphics

3. High field of view

1. Weight issue.




DOT, ECE 22-05 certified.

You can shop SMK Helmets here.

Best Helmet Brands

Yes, Buddies, these are the best helmet brands which we can get at an affordable price.

Let us dive into little deep and know which helmet is best fit for you.

Comfort & Fit:

You know guys helmets should be the snug fit for your head.

The helmet will be worst of it don’t fit your head tightly and properly. If your helmet fails to fit tightly to your head then there will be chances like it may bob up and down during your ride which makes your visibility poor.This is dangerous and you can avoid this serious scenario by investing in a high quality comfortable and adjustable helmet.

For the bikers who go for race tracks, I would suggest buying a snug fit helmet which comes with Double D ring which makes the helmet hold the head for sure.

Then comes to another category of helmets which are used for daily purpose. In this type, you can go for helmets which are not the snug fit and at the same time not so loose. Because as you use this helmet for the daily purpose there are chances that you put and take off the helmet several times a day. So if you use the snug fit helmet in this scenario you end up hurting your cheeks.

To know the size of the helmet which fits you properly just take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head. This would be your size for the helmet.

best helmet brands

XS 20.87 – 21.26 53 – 54cm
S 21.65 – 22.05 55 – 56cm
M 22.44 – 22.83 55 – 56cm
L 23.23 – 23.62 59 – 60cm
XL 24.02 – 24.41 61 – 62cm
XXL 24.80 – 25.20 63 – 64cm
XXXL 25.60 – 26.00 65 – 66cm

Well, These are the best helmet brands. so yeah! Before spending bucks on a helmet make sure it worth the money and pick the one which fits you to make your ride safe!


Happy Riding.!