Best Motorcycle Batteries

Best Motorcycle Batteries-2018 Reviewed | The Buyer’s Guide

Hello folks, happy to see you landed here. Today in this post we will be going through some of the Best Motorcycle Batteries.

Best Motorcycle Batteries:

Are you searching for best motorcycle batteries? If Yes, believe me, you will never end your search as there are many brands and models which claims to their best. To make you clear with your decision ill educate you with different kinds of motorcycle batteries and their pros&cons.

As we all know how important a battery for a motorcycle is. You cannot crank up the motorcycle without the battery. In such case, you cannot make a decision of buying a cheap quality battery which will put you at risk.Later you might regret choosing one with cheap quality in most instances due to its poor functionality. You should consider your battery as an investment.

It’s easier than you think of making a mistake in selecting right battery for your motorcycle. You are making the mistake by not double checking the battery before you purchase. You can search for the motorcycle batteries but there are some general rules to know before you start searching for motorcycle batteries. Never try to swap your maintenance free motorcycle battery to another motorcycle battery unless it is mentioned in the application book.If your battery comes with the sensor-equipped, remember to replace the sensor at the time of replacing the battery.

Quick Facts:

CCA- COLD CRANKING AMPS is a term that refers to the amount of power produced by the battery.
Higher CCA old bikes and motorcycles take a long time to start
Lower CCA– new modern bikes or fewer miles to its engine.

Now let us see the different kinds of batteries

Lead Acid or Conventional Batteries:

The conventional type of battery consists of flooded electrolyte and cell accessible construction. These are way cheaper than the Maintenance free batteries but they need more attention. Due to the process of Electrolysis and evaporation, there will lose in water so it is mandatory to top-up the distilled water periodically.

If the water content drops down the minimum fill line there are high chances for permanent damage of the battery.
But if you maintain the battery with little attention then the life of the battery will be awesome. Absorbed Glass Mat(AGM) is the latest technology in Conventional Batteries.

Maintenance Free Batteries:

On the other hand Maintenance free batteries. These are some of the most preferred battery types by most of the motorcycle owners.This is because fo its minimal maintenance required for it to run effectively. There is no water loss in maintenance-free batteries as they are designed to remain permanently sealed once it is topped up it the acid these batteries are slightly expensive compared to the conventional batteries and it is very popular currently. There are no worries of topping up the distilled water in it.

Lithium-Ion Batteries:

When comes to Lithium Batteries, over the past several years these Lithium-Ion batteries have become more popular because these are the lightest batteries compared to any other battery used for motorcycles. Have you ever heard that the race track motorcycles are designed to the lowest weight possible? Here the Lithium-ion batteries play a major role as it is the lightest battery ever. The lifespan of these battery lasts long for approximately 6 years. This battery is completely a maintenance-free battery. All you need to do check is whether the terminals are clean or not.
In Lithium-ion battery the positive electrode is made from a lithium-based material and the negative electrode is carbon or graphite and the electrolyte is an organic solvent with lithium components.
Full spectrum recommends that disconnecting the battery of the motorcycle if it will not be in use for more than 30 days, while shorai recommends charging the battery every few weeks if you are not using the motorcycle twice a month.

Top 7 Best Motorcycle Batteries:

7. ThrottleX HDX30L:

Best Motorcycle Batteries

The HDX30L is one of the best motorcycle batteries which most of the motorcycle enthusiasts prefer to purchase. It is a premium battery designed for more than just performing. The latest technology AGM comes with highly porous microfiber separators which completely absorb and trap the acid. This makes the battery spill and leak proof.
This battery offers an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t satisfy with the battery and if it doesn’t reach your expectations you can contact the company people for exchange, refund or credit.

  • Same Quality and Power as Original Equipment Battery-     400CCA and 28AH
  • Free Replacement warranty for 18 Months
  • Will be shipped with fully charged and Ready to Install.
  • Latest Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology.
  • Spill and Leak Proof
  • Vibration Resistant.
  • Solid Lead Terminals
  • Dimensions: L= 6 5/8, W = 5 3/16, H = 6 7/8

6.Yuasa YTX14-BS:

Best Motorcycle Batteries

This battery is made by one of the most renowned names in the business. This is VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery which means it is perfect for the people who have better things to do other than battery maintenance. You will have to put the included acid into the unit yourself. Our permanently sealed VRLA battery never needs refilling however, it still needs periodic charging.

  •  200 CCA.
  • One Year Warranty.
  • Leak and Spillproof Design which means no possibility to leak.
  •  Vibration Resistance.
  • Advanced Lead-Calcium Technology pumps ups the starting power.
  •  Long Lasting means this Maintenance Free battery will last three years longer than other conventional batteries.
  •  And these VRLA batteries need less charging and hold the voltage for long in the standby or storage mode.
  •  Weight with acid: 4.6  KG
  •  Dimensions: L- 150mm, W-87mm, H- 145mm

5.Mighty Max YTX4L-BS:

Best Motorcycle Battery

Might Max YTX4L-BS is a 12V 3AH GELand SLA (Sealed Lead Acid ) battery comes with Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology. This battery is charged, sealed, maintenance-free battery and it is ready to install. It is a TRUE DEEP CYCLE battery which can be mount in any position and requires no maintenance. When a GELL battery is charged, no hazardous fumes comes escapes the battery case and these are processed in the battery itself.

It is an inexpensive option for anyone wanting to avoid the hassle that can come with a high-end battery

  •  50 Cold Crank Amps (CCA).
  •  Spill and Leak proof.
  •  Mounted in any position.
  •  Resists Shocks and Vibrations.
  •  Long Lasts at High and Low temperatures.
  •  Dimensions in Inches : L (4.40) x W (2.75) x H (3.42)

4.ACDelco ATX14BS:

Best Motorcycle batteries

This is the battery which is designed for the high performance and long service life. The engineers in this company have been engineered for the battery to keep it vibration resistant and high crank amps and to deliver high cycle on/off services. This battery also comes with the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology which keeps the battery virtually spill proof/leak proof.  This battery needs less charging compared to other batteries and long-lasting. They are filled with special Anti-sulfate to fight against the sulfating on the plates.

  • 290 Cranking Amps at 32 degrees (F)
  • Valve Regulated- Gas Recombinant Technology provides the battery to last long three times more the conventional batteries.
  • The high-density oxide provides the maximum power-per-pound dependable “high-cycling” service.
  • Absolutely spill/leak proof.
  • Six months warranty.
  • Dimensions:  6.7×6.7×6.3 Inches

3. Shorai LFX09L2-BS12:

Best Motorcycle Batteries

This is one the best motorcycle batteries. The ultimate thing about this Lithium-Iron phosphate is the Weight and power technology. The weight of this battery is just 1.01 pounds which will deliver an incredible 102 cranking amps. This gonna be the best replacement for the Lead-acid batteries Shorai LFX batteries contain Shorai-proprietary eXtreme-Rate Lithium Iron prismatic cells (chemistry LiFePO4).  Comparing to other lead-acid batteries this Lithium -Iron Phosphate will be the light in weight, have much lower self-discharge, environmentally friendly and do not sulfate.

  • Light in weight, One-fifth of the Lead Acid Battery weight.
  • Super fast charge rate
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fast Cranking for better starts.
  • Twice-Four times the battery life of the lead-acid battery.

2. Western Power Sports Featherweight:

Best Motorcycle Batteries

This western power sports featherweight Lithium Ion battery is designed with the 6-12 times lowest weight compared to the other battery types. This is one of the best motorcycle batteries which most of the motorcycle enthusiasts prefer to purchase.

This Battery has an exceptionally long shelf life up to 1 year before requiring the charge even features a built-in LED test gauge.

  • Lithium-Ion Polymer Technology
  • Fast charge, can be brought to 90% in 6 minutes.
  • Can be mount in any position.
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty.
  • Increased cranking amp over lead-acid batteries.
  • 6-12 times more cycle life compared to a lead-acid battery.
  • No hazardous acid or metals, Non-explosive and Non-combustible.

1. Battery Tender BTL09A120C:

Best Motorcycle Batteries

Deltran Battery Tender is a trusted company in the batteries industry. It has 5 times more cycle life than its contenders. It has the ability to cycle up more than 2000 times. There are many advantages to using advanced Lithium-ion technology, as they are designed to withstand over and under voltages and currents.

when need to charge this Deltran Battery Tender Lithium BTL09A120C  battery you are advised to charge it with  Battery Tender Lithium Jr. charger. This battery can be mounted in any position.

  • 2000+ cycles at 80% depth of discharge.
  • Lithium Batteries do not sulfate.
  • Can be mounted in any direction.
  • Operating temp of 14°F to 140°F
  • 2-year shelf life
  • Lithium Cranking Amps of 120
  • 3 Years Limited Warranty
  • Quad terminal configuration for ease of installation.

So, folks, these are few Best Motorcycle Batteries preferred by most of the Motorcycle enthusiasts. If you have any doubts or any suggestions, do comment in the comment box.

Happy Riding!



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