How To Increase Mileage Of Bike

How To Increase Mileage Of Bike- 10 Amazing Tips

Helloo Folks !! Happy to see you landed here 🙂  Have you ever felt that your Motorcycles Mileage has reduced ?? I think you would have come across this situation once in your life, Right ?? 😀 Yes !! Even I faced this problem with my 1st bike Yamaha R15 Version1. I have done enough research by asking many Automobile Engineers that How to Increase Mileage of Bike and I also browsed many blogs and got some amazing tips from them. Later I have bought new motorcycle Pulsar RS200 in 2015 and I maintained my bike well by applying the tips given by the Engineers whom I have asked for suggestions and found that my Bike is delivering Amazing Mileage (40 KMPL) BOOOMM 😛 I have compared the mileage with my fellow riders who own Pulsar RS200I was really happy to hear that my bike is giving best mileage compared to my friend’s bikes.

So every Motorcycle Rider expects Best Mileage from his Motorcycle. Today let us know some beautiful tips on How To Increase Mileage Of Bike.

Tips On How To Increase Mileage of Bike:

10.Chain Tension:

 How to Increase Mileage of Bike

Chain Tension is the first and important factor for reduction of Mileage of Bike. The chain should not be over tensioned and should not be under tensioned. It is recommended to keep the tension (Chain Slack)about 1-1.5 Inches.

Another thing to be considered here Never Ever try to keep the chain DRY. Always use the best Chain Spray to Lubricate the chain. Highly Recommended and one of the favorite chain Sprays for most of the Motorcyclists is MOTUL  How to Increase Mileage of Bike

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9.Tyre Pressure:

 How to Increase Mileage of Bike

Tyre Pressure is also one of the main reason to be considered. Less air pressure in tyres leads to more friction which causes more surface of bike tyres in contact with the road. So bike consumes more fuel to maintain the speed. So, maintain the Tyre pressure as per Company Recommendations.

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8.Quality Fuel:

 How to Increase Mileage of Bike

It is always a Good practice to Fuel Up in the same Fuel Station. Try to Fuel Up good quality petrol instead of contaminated petrol as it keeps the Engine Healthy. Keeping the Engine Healthy will increase the fuel economy.

7.Sudden Revving and Hard Breaking:

How to Increase Mileage of Bike

Don’t expect good mileage if you Rev the bike harder 😀 Hard Revving on small gears also consumes a lot of Petrol in order to deliver the speed. And also Sudden Braking causes the reduction in mileage of bike. This is the main factor to be considered to see How to Increase Mileage of Bike.

6.Proper Gear Shifting:

Always ride the bike with good Gear-Speed ratio and at lower RPM which helps in returning Best Mileage ever. Riding at a very high speed in a lower gear or riding too slow in a higher gear will certainly increase your fuel consumption. It’s always important to shift up and down according to the speed you are riding. For most bikes, the idle shifting point would be near 4000 – 4500 RPM

5.Pillion Riders:

Here comes the math into the picture. Riding with Pillion means more weight on the Engine. Riding with a pillion is a common thing but whenever you go to Rides for long distances on highways, try to avoid riding with Pillion which can increase the Fuel Economy.

4.Avoid Traffic:

Yeah..!! That is really a shitty feeling to ride Motorcycle in heavy traffic. Riding in traffic makes us ride in lower gears for a long time. Riding in lower gears will consume more fuel. So try to avoid the traffic as much as possible.

3.Cleaning up Air Filter and Spark Plugs:

How To Increase Mileage Of Bike

How To Increase Mileage Of Bike

Just see the difference between the new and old air filters and spark plugs. Human Beings need fresh air to inhale right ?? In the same way, Bikes need fresh air to take in. So install new Air Filters and Spark Plugs at regular intervals to increase the Fuel Economy if the bike.

2.Release the Brakes Completely:

Never press the brakes while riding the bike I mean (unknowingly) you put legs on the rear brake which resists the motion of the Bike. So the bike consumes more petrol in order to move. So make sure to release the brakes completely while riding the bike.

1.Avoid Clutch Riding:

Keeping the clutch half pressed while riding will keep the extra strain on the  Engine and it increases the fuel consumption. It may also lead to wear and tear of the clutch plates soon.

# Never Park your motorcycle exposed to sunlight directly. Always park the Motorcycle under a shade. It may cause evaporation of the fuel and also effects the Graphics of the motorcycle.

# If you get stuck in Traffic Jam and the waiting time is more 35 secs then make sure to turn off the Ignition. Idling is one of the main factors where the Odometer stands constant and the fuel gets waste.

These are the factors you should consider in order to Increase the mileage of bike. Try them and feel the change in mileage.

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