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How to Maintain Motorcycle Batteries in Top Condition

In this guide, we will be discussing the essential factors to be considered while purchasing a motorcycle battery. If you think you need any assistance about choosing the best motorcycle batteries then do comment on the comment box so that I’ll help you out.

Types of Motorcycle batteries:

Before purchasing a motorcycle battery we have to decide clearly what kind battery is best suitable for our motorcycle. You can opt for  Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) type of battery which is the latest technology in the batteries.It comes with a special Mat, which has the primary function to wick the electrolyte and prevents spill and leak.It is known for its versatility, which makes it perfect in a wide range of applications such as in marine, solar and audio.

The next type is Gel Cell Batteries.These batteries come inbuilt with silica like gel, which is the reason for the suspension of the electrolytes.
It allows the electrons to flow freely in between the plates and provides you a guarantee that they won’t leak if they are mounted in any position and even in the event that the battery breaks.

Technical Specifications:

Many of the people especially the buyers who don’t know much about motorcycle batteries ignore the technical specifications. But we have to consider them in order to select the best battery out there.

The first thing we have to consider is Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) which will indicate how powerful the battery to make the motorcycle crank even in the cold temperatures. The higher the CCA, the better the cranking will be. If you are living in cold places no doubt you should purchase a battery which has high CCA.

You should also consider the Reverse Capacity of the battery which indicates the number of minutes a fully charged battery will take to discharge at a particular temperature. You should choose the battery which has longer Reverse Capacity.

Say No to Cheap Quality:

Most of the cheap quality batteries can also be inferior in terms of quality. But we have to consider battery as an investment. Once if you buy a cheap quality battery, it may perform well at the beginning but after a certain period, it will become a big problem. So purchase a good quality battery.

Look for Extended Warranty:

If the manufacturer is confident about his product then he will give you an extended warranty, So if you face any problems with the battery within the battery warranty period you can claim for the replacement of the battery.

Select a Battery with Minimal Maintenance.

There are many Maintenance free batteries and Lithium Ion batteries which don’t need any maintenance except periodic charging. These means that you don’t need to exert any efforts in maintaining the battery and ride your motorcycle without any tension.

How to Maintain motorcycle batteries:

Battery Maintenance is one of the most overlooked aspects of a motorcycle. For many of the people, there will be a period during the year who leave the motorcycle in storage for few months or even leave the motorcycle for a long period. This cause most irritating problem as your battery doesn’t respond well to inactivity.

motorcycle batteriesIf you leave your motorcycle for a long period then the battery gets started with the sulphation at the plates. The sulphation will cause your battery life very less and the performance will be very bad. In some cases, you can bring your battery to life by charging it with automatic battery charger/maintainer. But in some cases, your battery condition will go out of your hands and you cannot bring it back to life.

Use an Automatic Charger:

There are many chargers available in the market, but choosing the right charger for your battery is in your hands. Purchasing a cheap quality battery will burst out your battery and also the connecting wires. Some of the best chargers are Battery MINDer and Battery Tender.

Charge the battery to 100%. Recharging the battery when the headlamps become dim, horn become dull or the starter becomes weak and even if you left the motorcycle idle for storage for more than two weeks.

Remove the battery from the motorcycle and clean the battery and the terminals neatly with the solution of baking soda and water in case if the electrolyte comes out of the battery. At the same time clean the battery components in the motorcycle to neutralize the electrolyte and rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly. Make sure that nothing enters into the battery while cleaning. After cleaning the battery inspect for any signs of damage or extraordinary wear while service to the battery.

On Conventional Batteries, check the electrolyte level inside the battery. Always check the levels on a flat surface. The level of the electrolyte should not be less than the minimum line on the side of the battery. If you find the level is below the minimum line then immediately add distilled water and make sure avoiding the overfill. Once the levels are adjusted then charge the battery according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

On the other hand, sealed VRLA motorcycle batteries which are referred to “Maintenance Free” batteries. These batteries are completely sealed and never opened once in its service or permanent damage or failure will occur. In these batteries, there is no need of checking the electrolyte levels. As of the conventional batteries once it is cleaned and inspected then charge the battery as per the manufacturer’s instructions.  Once you charge the battery to full, you may wish to store it in the cool dry area out of the children and pets or you can install into the motorcycle.

When comes to inspection of your motorcycle batteries and if you consider your battery is in good condition then your battery should overcome these three issues.

1. Charging Properly: It is Quite common for batteries to get self-discharge when they are in storage. But once you connect a good automatic charger then your battery should get fully charged within few hours.

2. Hold the Charging under NO-LOAD: Your battery should hold the charging when it is on standby for at least one month.  Take a Digital Multimeter and check the voltage of the battery. If it is 12V battery then a fully charged 12V battery should at least show 13.1V

3. Hold the charging under LOAD: Don’t feel excited when your battery shows 13.1V on standby state. Turn ON your Ignition, Turn ON your HEADLAMPS and now check the voltage of the battery and it should be more than or equal to 13.1V. If the battery voltage drops down to 12V or 11.5V the moment when you turn your ignition and headlamps, it means your battery is charging but not holding the charge under load which is not a good thing.

If your battery overcomes the above three issues of inspection then it is good to go. If it fails any of the above you should buy a new battery or claim the warranty if you have.

Maintain your motorcycle batteries healthy and Enjoy the trouble-free rides.

Happy Riding



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