TVS Akula 310 Top Speed

TVS Akula 310 Top Speed | Specifications | Reviews

Yayyy..!!! ūüėÄ The Wait of many Motorcycle Enthusiasts has come to an end. The Brand New TVS Akula¬†310 has been launched on 6th Dec 2017. Many of the Motorcycle Lovers are eagerly waiting for the¬†Reviews, Specifications¬†and many others who love speed riding are looking for Official TVS Akula 310 Top Speed, its Price Range and many more. Today in this post ill let people you every aspect of TVS Akula 310, its Specifications and Features etc.

TVS Akula 310 Top Speed

TVS Akula 310 Review:

It is the New Entry Level Sports motorcycle which TVS has produced. According to TVS, it has put its 35 years of experience in Designing and Engineering this Motorcycle and executing it as the Begining level of a Sports Machine. TVS spent almost 2 years in designing this Motorcycle and hell lot of hours in testing with the design, performance, handling and by taking feedback from the expert motorcyclists and the engineering team. TVS motor says that in addition to the culmination of the motorcycle over past two years, it is the best motorcycle yet of TVS.

This TVS Akula 310 is a kind of motorcycle which is the first fully faired motorcycle from TVS and the main advantage of this motorcycle is which has a possibility to take on to the Race Track, can be used to do daily commute on weekends and also a long tour without a doubt.

Akula as a SportsBike:

The Word Akula means a Shark in the Russian Language and the Vents are also designed as the Fins of the shark. The new Akula 310 comes in two color variants Matte

Black and Red. The Glossy Red Akula makes us feel like riding a Ducati SportsBike. The Akula comes with 41mm upside down front forks which has a Gold Finish which makes the Akula look aggressive and racy kind. The Tall windshield, racing stripe, LED Projector Headlamps and the LED Daytime Running Lamps are turning the Akula look like a High Displacement Motorcycle. Finally, I can say the Fit and Finish is top notch.

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TVS Akula 310 Top Speed:

When comes to the TVS Akula 310 Top Speed, it has done 160 Kmph It the considerable top speed from a 312cc single cylinder having a reverse inclined engine. The TVS Akula 310 Top Speed is160kmph and the main reason the fairing design. TVS Motors says that they spent a lot of efforts and time in designing the fairing of this motorcycle. Moreover, the Interesting point to know is the Akul is being tested in a Wind Tunnel to ensure the best Aerodynamics Design. Have a look at the below picture which tells the beauty of its design regarding the Aerodynamics.TVS Akula 310 Top Speed

TVS motors say that this Motorcycle has the least coefficient drag among the other motorcycles in this class which results in higher acceleration. This is the primary reason for TVS Akula 310 Top Speed.

When comes to the vents, these are designed well so as to channel out the hot air coming from the Engine and Radiator away from the Riders legs. Mostly this situation happens on city roads due to the traffic.

TVS Akula 310 Top Speed

Yeah just look at the arrows over there. The Vents are designed to channel the hot air in such directions avoiding to hit the Riders Legs. The Tail light is also a good factor to speak about. The LED tail lamp is in on position all the time but when we hit the brake there blinks the another LED strip which makes more sense to appearance.

How Does It Handle:

For understanding more technically I have written the below paragraph about the wheelbase and swingarm. If you are not interested in knowing more technical and mechanically then skip to the following paragraph.

Apart from Displacement, Engineering is going to play a big role in this motorcycle. If you see all the Sportsbike Manufactures across the globe wants the Motorcycle to have a short wheelbase. But if the wheelbase is shorter, then the motorcycle becomes unstable at the corners. For that reasons, they would want long swingarms.However, if you increase the length of the swingarm¬†inadvertently increase the wheelbase of the motorcycle. So what to do in this Situation?? Well the TVS Engineers come up with a solution by making the Single Cylinder Engine slightly slanted backward with the Exhaust coming out at the back thereby increasing the mass centralization of the motorcycle and also allowing the engineers to pull the swingarm pivot little forward towards the front wheel which then creates an opportunity to Extend the swingarm at the back.There you go, we have TVS Akula with Short wheelbase and long swingarm. That’s the beauty of Engineering. Thanks to the Engineering Team of TVS for producing such a Machine.

The TVS Akula has steel trellis frame and a¬†forged Two arm aluminium die-cast swingarm. The rear suspension is¬†¬†Mono Tube, Floating Piston Gas Assisted Shock Absorber and the front suspension is Inverted Cartridge Kayaba Telescopic Fork having a Gold finish which makes the bike look “Premium”.¬†All these Shorter wheelbase, long swingarm, chassis and the suspension makes the handling of the Akula to the next level.

Instrument Cluster: 

TVS Akula 310 Top Spped

TVS has designed unique Instrument Console for Akula. Akula has come up with verticle instrument console rather than the traditional horizontal Console. It would look some weird when the ignition was off but the moment the Ignition turns on the console shows up its beauty. It basically provides huge data like Highest speed achieved, Clock, Engine Temperature, Gear indicator and many other.

What about the Engine?

TVS Akula 310 Top Spped

Well, it the 312 CC Single Cylinder liquid cooled engine which is similar to the BMW G310R Engine. But the TVS made its own custom ECU unit. The Akul delivers a Maximum power of 34PS @ 9700 rpm and a peak torque of 27.3 Nm @ 7700 rpm. The Engine of Akula is Reverse Inclined Double Overhead Cam (DOHC). TVS has claimed that Akula has its own Tuning and the Tuning has been made for the better response in terms of Acceleration. The six-speed gear is similar to the BMW but the Akula is designed with an Extra Tooth (41) on the Rear Sprocket which makes the Akul reach 60kmph in 2.6 seconds which is opposed to BMW.

The Akula due to its Reverse Inclined Engine it not only makes the lower wheelbase and long swingarm but also this also makes for better mass centralization, thereby benefitting handling.

Other Features:

The TVS Akula has a Kerb Weight of 160.5 kg and the fuel tank capacity is 11L. The wheelbase of this motorcycle is 1365 mm and has a ground clearance of180 mm. The Michelin tyres never disappoint in cornering.The Akul 310 uses 110/70 front tyre size and 150/60  as rear tyre size. The Akula 310 comes with Dual Channel ABS as standard.

Final Words:

The TVS Akula 310 has an impressive look, it has done everything quite well. The price of Akula 310 is¬†‚āĻ 2.05 lakh (ex-showroom). The TVS Motors have decided the price very wisely. This motorcycle competes with the KTM RC390 and also twin cylinder sportsbikes like Kawasaki Ninja 300, Yamaha YZF R3. If you are a guy who likes to take the bike for long rides, who take the motorcycle for race tracks and who would love riding the sportsbikes, then this New Entry Level sportsbike is for you. And for the people who love speed riding just check out the TVS Akula 310 Top Speed which makes you buy the motorcycle immediately.

That’s it for the Akula guys. I hope you enjoyed the post. Do share the post with the Motorcycle Lovers

Cheers for Akula..!!

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